Court Redevelopment

New Windbreaks fitted

We now have the new windbreaks in place:

202A_General Layout

We have three new tennis courts with floodlighting and two mini courts.  The courts are a hard porous surface with an acrylic layer. Established club members have tested the courts and the view is that they play really well, any previous drainage issues encountered with the old courts has now been eradicated.

There will be a small charge to club members for usage of the floodlights and we will be putting in a token system in place managed by committee members.

The mini courts offer potential to expose kids to tennis at a young age and form part of the club’s objective to increase tennis participation by children in the town.

Proposed Improvements to courts – project update November 2014 Work Commences

Proposed Improvements to courts – project update March 2014

The club are happy to announce that all the funding has been approved by the Lawn Tennis Association and Sport Scotland to upgrade the existing tennis facility in Strathaven Park to three all weather courts and two mini tennis courts with floodlighting. This project has taken over four years to get off the ground and will offer the club and community a new all year round tennis facility. The Club will be working in conjunction with South Lanarkshire Council in the works tender selection process with a view of commencing the construction in summer 2014.

Proposed Improvements to courts – project update 22/4/2013

The club has been applying for various forms of funding over the last year three years and the plan is to upgrade the existing courts to an all weather playing surface with floodlighting. The club has now secured the bulk of the funding and the project received planning consent last year.

 The club is currently going through the LTA Clubmark Accreditation process with a view of securing the final piece of funding. In addition we are also liaising with the South Lanarkshire Council with respect to the preparation of design drawings for inclusion in a tender package. The club is hoping to start work on site at the end of the current playing season in September 2013.

Holm Street, Strathaven