WOSTA Leagues

Tennis matches for 2016.

This season we have entered a team for the Spring League and two teams for both the Summer League and the Vets League (Autumn). Attached is a schedule of the teams we have to play – the matches for the Spring League have to played on the given weekend (presume Sunday morning would be most convenient) – the other matches have to be arranged at the Match Secretaries meeting on the 8th March.

I would appreciate it if anyone who wants to declare themselves ineligible for selection to let me know as soon as possible. Additionally if I knew when players were unavailable (e.g. on Holiday) or which nights would be better (I’m thinking Tuesday), I can factor that into the schedule (home teams usually get first pick of nights – so for our away matches we might have to fit in with the team we are visiting).

The Spring League has 4 Singles matches and 2 Doubles matches so I need some of the younger guys to step up here (we can have a team of up to 6, so we can mix it up). For the Summer Leagues we are going to need a minimum of 12 players, probably more like 15, to allow for injuries and unavailability for other reasons. I have to provide a list of players who are eligible for each team by the 16th April (there are rules that tie players to either the first or second team). We should be well covered for the Vets matches in the Autumn.

2016 Team and matches can be found in this PDF file: Teams_2016

The WOSTA leagues can be found here: Official LTA WOSTA Leagues

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